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If you are a premise owner, or part of the Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST), you might have received a notification letter from the government, asking you to perform an inspection for your property’s gas system.

While it might sound serious, this routine inspection is not something to lose sleep about. Here’s what you should do next:

Step 1 – Source Your Inspection Professional

The government requires you to perform the inspection with a Licensed Gas Service Worker (LGSW) or engage a Professional Engineer (PE). Head over to the Energy Market Authority (EMA) website to find a LGSW vendor who provide services to consumers via the following link:

Inspection - Sourcing LGSW from EMA

Screenshot taken from the EMA website on Friday, January 26, 2024.

Once you have narrowed down the LGSW that you would like to work with, get in touch with them to start the process.

Note: Algas is a fully licensed LGSW vendor who can perform this inspection – so get in touch with us today if you would like us to take care of the whole process for you 🙂

Step 2 – Inspection

Once engaged, the LGSW will perform the inspection on your agreed date. The inspection will involve thorough checks and tests to identify any damages, corrosions, or potential leaks in your property’s gas system.

Once the inspection is done, you can expect to get the inspection report and recommendations from your LGSW as a part of the package.


Step 3 – Repairs

If there are any issues from the inspection, your LGSW will provide you with a quotation for repair recommendations. If you agree with the quotation, you can proceed with the repair process by the LGSW.

Inspection - Repair

Step 4 – Issuance & Submission of Certificate

After the repairs are done, the LGSW will provide you with a certificate of fitness to confirm that you have done the inspection, and certify the safety and compliance of your gas system.

Certificate of Fitness

You should then submit the Certificate of Fitness to SP via email (provide email address here). This will ensure that your gas system is officially recognised as safe as possible with the regulations.

Need help with your property’s gas inspection? Algas can help!

With a team of fully licensed and qualified LGSW technicians, Algas is fully equipped with everything you need to complete your inspection and certification from start to finish.

If you would like your inspection to be handled by a team of professionals that you can trust, get in touch with us today for a quotation with no commitment required!

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